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Dr. Shamani Jain wins a Nautilus Award, supporting "Better Books for a Better World"

We are so proud that Healing Ourselves by Dr. Shamini Jain, a book edited by StoryMade Studio and published by Sounds True, won a Nautilus Book Award!

Nautilus awards support "better books for a better world."

Through her work as a clinical psychologist, working with veterans with PTSD, children from disadvantaged communities, and a variety of people suffering from significant mental illness, she learned that our power to heal ourselves is a critical tool at a time when our healthcare systems are in deep need for a revolutionary evolution. In undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral studies at Columbia University, UC San Diego, and UCLA, she conducted randomized clinical trials and other research in the areas of integrative medicine practices from the scientific lens of neurophysiology and psychoneuroimmunology. In Healing Ourselves, she shows how the combination of science and ancient wisdom can give us the tools we need for healing ourselves.

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